RB1 - naše zložljivo e-kolo. Napolnjen za mesto, s pravo mešanico ikoničnega dizajna, varnosti in vzdržljivosti na ravni vozil.

250w pogonski sklop

80 km (50 milj) doseg z enim polnjenjem*

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Introducing RB1

Exciting urban commuting

Introducing RB1—a revolution in city commuting, boasting a compact and convenient foldable design. Effortlessly navigate the bustling urban landscape, seamlessly zipping through congested streets. Its portability allows for easy storage in tight city spaces, making it a sustainable choice that helps reduce reliance on automobiles.

Charge anywhere

The RB1 features a powerful 80km one-charge range* detachable battery, offering convenient charging options at home or in the workplace. Effortlessly remove the battery to ensure a constant and sufficient power supply for your journeys.

Ride insights at your fingertips

Equipped with a 1.77" vibrant TFT display, gain immediate access to real-time speed, comprehensive ride data, and in-depth bike analytics.

Effortlessly manage motor assist levels, lighting preferences, and bike configurations through intuitive controls with just a few clicks.

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