Riley Scooters - Australia

Thank you for choosing a scooter from Riley Scooters.

We're a British start-up with an ambitious vision - your electric drive really makes a difference. With increasing urban traffic and environmental issues around the world, you support us in our mission of providing a "viable path to safer and cleaner cities".

Riley Scooters is reinventing urban transportation with our revolution of all-electric scooters, leading to positive environmental change in the world. While the e-scooter may be just a recreational ride for some, it is a modern mode of transportation. We hope that this e-scooter will bring you the same pleasure when riding as it brought us when we created it.

Contribute to our mission by sharing pictures and videos of your rides using the hashtag #rileyscooters. Let's together pave the way for modern urban transport that creates a clean and sustainable future for everyone.

For a digital version of the manual and warranty, please see below:

Warranty Information  - Click here

RS1 Manual: RS1 - Click here

RS2 Manual: RS2 - Click here

RS3 Manual: RS3 - Click here

Thank you for purchasing a Riley Scooter. For help requesting a repair, or technical assistance click here to use the online form or use the email below.

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  • Driving this product puts you at risk of injury or death from loss of control, collisions, and falls. Wear and use an approved helmet and other protective equipment to minimize potential injuries.
  • Make sure that anyone driving this product reads the user manual carefully.
  • Tires must be inflated to 35 Psi (2.4 Bar) before driving.
  • Maximum payload must not exceed 265 lbs/120 kg.
  • The manufacturer recommends that drivers be over 14 years of age.
  • Always follow local traffic regulations and road traffic regulations.

Additional service centre contact information:

Contact number: 1300 423 042

Marks Electrical

Unit 5, 21-23 Cheltenham Parade, Cheltenham, 5014, SA

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