About Riley Scooters

Riley Scooters is the UK’s number one leading E-scooter company. We are the first, and only, electric scooter with a swappable battery pack. This up and coming way of urban transport has never been more easy, eco-friendly and fashionable.

Our Mission towards change

Our mission is to be one of the first to catalyse progressive change within the modern transport industry. We are determined to move forward towards an eco-friendly fashion of movement. Unlike most transportation methods, our scooters do not generate any exhaust fumes. They are solely powered by an electric motor with a detachable battery that you can charge at any plug point, for your convenience. Join us in making cities a cleaner environment for work and play, by switching to a more carbon-neutral method of transport.

Let's not break the bank

We are motivated by our desire to offer you a solidly manufactured, yet sleek and stylish scooter, without having to break the bank. Transportation can be very expensive, and it shouldn't be. We have made our luxury designs at an affordable price point, for the possibility of a larger movement towards change.

Finding the Balance

Our designs are manufactured using aluminium alloy, with a digital LED display and higher clearance. In addition, wheel designs have been specifically manufactured to ensure you a smooth ride, with three driving settings (beginner, eco and sport) and built in stability functions for comfort when driving downhill and over bumps. We have found a perfect balance of robustness in the manufacturing, in conjunction with a streamline, stylish aesthetic leaving you traveling in style.

Your safety is our priority

Whilst we want to move forward into this new urban mode of transport, safety is our priority. Front to back, we have got you covered. Riley scooters come with a rear disc brake, front e-brake and back fender brake to ensure your complete control on your journeys. Beaming LED headlights in the front and taillight mean that you can ride with us year-round, and in all conditions, standing out from the crowd. The three driving modes also guarantee that you can safely build your confidence riding with us, from beginner to advanced in no time!
Live the life of Riley and join us on this journey!
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